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Dad's at Work Dad's at Work

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best submission in ages

So help me God,
Let me explain why this is brilliant. First, the animation is under emphasized to allow people to enjoy the story without showing off the real artwork-- the scripting.
The area truly polished is in the timing-- both in the opening menu, film, and even credits.
As to said menu, it's well laid out, easily accessible, and completely unobtrusive.
Incredible--looking forward to next installment.

Blackhead Blackhead

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good social Satire.

This is hails back to the origin of Looney Tunes, which, despite the modern image, was a series of sexist, racist tales as reflected in cartoons like "Little Sambo," "Popeye," and even "Betty Boop." In the days before "adult cinema," because of social convictions against what was then recognized as pornography (referred to as "stag films"), cartoons were used to blur the edges of decency because they, "weren't real" (Don Markstein, pg 124).
While the point of this cartoon may have been to parodize Blockhead, it still is a good representative to classical elemental styles of "classic" cartoons such as "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips" and "Popeye and the Island of the Pinheads." A modern equivalent would by hentia based on popular anime-- most often drawn/animated by members of the original animation team. Unlicensed reproductions to fulfill the demands of a minority.
This cartoon (in and of itself) calls to the question the idea of offensive material itself. What was acceptable 70 years ago is now the subject of litigation and protest.
As an educator, this is not something I would show my students. However, I feel it does bear a ethical value in the face of reverse racist comedy by actors/comedians such as Eddie Griffin, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle. Now in the "fourth age" of the equal rights movement, this current generation lacks direction or a positive idea of equality. This cartoon integrates a smattering of the stereotype of archiac cartoons while applying semantics/visual rhetoric to the grand scheme. You inadvertantly create a strong message when "blackhead's" head is stuck in a vase: the ostrich effect.
The message you unwittingly promote is that he is "sticking his head in the sand" rather than acknowledging the fact that he is a racial archetype. Likewise, Likewise, you are saying that reverse racist comedy, for example Dave Chappelle, are doing more harm by promoting skits involving racism when the majority of their audience is impressionable young people. To exemplify how this works with Dave Chappelle, simply look at the Rick James skit. Rather than nuse the cultural phenomina behind the artist, Chappelle promoted the drugged out, sexist image-- thereby creating several thousand plus little white boys screaming, "I'm Rick James B1tch!" The ultimate outcome?
Rick james dies in obsucrity, and millions of kids all the more the ignorant for it.
The concurrent generation does not remember the classic white face antics of Eddie Murphy in the 1970's SNL. Three quarters of the jokes used by idiots like Chappelle or Borat are based on jokes by people like Murphy and Yakov Smirnov who wrote the material during times when it was necessary (i.e. Race riots and the Cold War).
This, in essence, mocks modern reverse racism and for that I appluade you. The style is very reminisicent of classic styles while incorporating language and visuals the current generation can associate with the series parodized. I would like to see this series continued-- not just parodizing Blockhead, but other popular webtunes such as Strongbad, Homestar runner, Neurotically yours, and others. You have a good vehicle for promoting comedy at the expense of other popular cartoons-- it's up to you to take this ball and run with it.

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Animator vs. Animation Animator vs. Animation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sorry to hear abut ebaum pirating this

is there any way some of us could make donations to your legal fees in suing Ebaum for stealing your cartoon? You'd make presidence in ensuring many of us recieve due copyright protection against sites like EBaums world. If you win your case, it would eliminate the blatant theft of material by mock sites and give any of us the chance to recieve reparations for such thefts.

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Zynex DEMO Zynex DEMO

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nicely done

Ok, here we go:
A lot of room to improve on this one.
Some alt controls would be nice for those of us not using an ambidextrous mouse or joystick. Shouldn't be too hard to program a set of alt keys using A,S,D,W for movement.
Reaction timing was great for this game. Alot of other shooters have a serious lag time between drepessing the fire button and the actual time. Well done.
Lines were crisp, clear, and defined. Might want to think of some more subdued colors though for general backgrounds and items.
If you're going to have a free turn environment, I'd like for there to be some sort of proximity radar so that we don't get blindsided by enemies. A good game can easily be ruined if we're shot by an enemy we simply do not see. The major problem with FPS (first person shooters) is that we're limited on our peripheral vision. Not saying anything bad about this game, but I would like for there to be some better way for enemies to stand out more visibly.
Music was a tad campy- everyone uses techno for shooters or bad metal- something nice and paced for the scenes would be well worth the investment.
Good job, over all score of 9, and a Full 5 for effort.

Sharp Shooter 3D Demo Sharp Shooter 3D Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like this

As a player of XiaoIV and X227 (held high score for a bit), I truly enjoyed this. I find it fresh and unique to the genre. I'm looking forward to seeing the complete version. Some items I'd like to see for the finished version:
1) sound track- alot of games have overpowering sound effects and music. I found the light retort of the wepons to be pleasureable, and a soft bit of music to the background would be equally nice.
2) Targeting redicle for the primary weapon. The bouncing secondary ring- unless for guaging hit probability or deapth perception is kinda distracting.
3) sniper reticle: perfect. Might want to intensify the reddot though.
4) Scoring: accuracy and location are always good basics, but remaining ammo capacity (not necessarily a need for reloading, but like X227, have a set ammo count) and life are also good bonus points to consider.
5) Health packs. Most simple shooters like time crisis always put these goodies in the foreground. Usually attached to charging special baddies like launcher or grenade users. For a bit of difficulty, I much prefer having them as a reward for knocking off long range enemies.
A nice game- looking forward to the real deal.

Kung Fu - Remix Kung Fu - Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Simply perfection. I found the timing to be excellent, the graphics superb, and just the right amount of humor. Awesome, your presence here on NG has indeed been missed IronClaw. Hope to see more of you in the near future.